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Environment´s information

The medium Area of Navaree is an large stripe of soft hills and cliffs with cereal and vine fields which form a transition territory between the Mountain and the Riverbank. The area is formed by two historic regions of similar bioclimatic features; to the East, the named Medium Eastern Navarre, and in the West, Estella Land, which capitals are, respectively, Tafalla and Estella.
The Medium Area is crossed from East to West by the Camino de Santiago and it appears full of villas and landscapes which link a path of big monumental and historic value. And although the artistic heritage forms the most distinguished of this area, there are births of rivers, gorges, reservoirs and other natural resource of big beauty.
In this region there are also localities of notable importance in the history of the Kingdom of Navarre and other of medieval origin rise with defense nature against Muslims and Castilians, which conserves fortifications, Sturdy Romanesque and Gothic churches, and numerous palaces and emblazoned houses.
The territory limits in the North with the last Southern Mountain Chains of the Pyrenean System and it is crossed by the biggest tributaries of the Ebro: the Ega, the Arga and the Aragón. The rainfall is of 500-700 mm per year and the temperature rocking, between 5º and 22º, they remember the Continental climate. The area is communicated by road from Pamplona. Logroño, Zaragoza and Jaca and it has a deep interior net of regional and local roads which make quickly accessible by car to anywhere you want to visit. 


It is the capital of the Valley of Guesalaz and it has 53 inhabitants. In its urban core, may highlight Parish Church of Santa Eulalia housing an altarpiece of interest.
In this place it is the multisport center of the Valley, pediment, football pitch and municipal open swimming pools in summer period.


Near the village are the valleys of Goñi and Ollo, which houses the Ethnographic Museum and the Fountainhead of Arteta.


HIking through the close mounts like Elimendi (La Artesa), Espáraz or the Trinity of Iturgoyen.


Nacedero del río Urederra
El manantial donde nace el río Urederra es de ensueño escondido a los pies de las murallas de piedra caliza de la sierra de Urbasa, el símbolo de los bosques navarros . Toda una una auténtica maravil...
Santuario San Miguel de Aralar
Constituye uno de los centros de espiritualidad más conocidos de Navarra. Es un templo románico con tres naves y tres ábsides localizado en lo alto de la sierra de Aralar, desde donde se divisa una pa...
Pamplona invita a disfrutar pausadamente de sus parques y a callejear por su casco antiguo; invita a degustar su gastronomía y sus populares pinchos, regados con un buen vino, disfrutar de festejos ún...


Semana de la Cazuelica y el Vino
En Pamplona, del 5 al 14 de octubre
El calendario gastronómico de Navarra tiene una cita imprescindible en otoño, la Semana de la Cazuelica y el Vino. Se trata de una ocasión única para dar a conocer el carácter de la cocina regional, q...
Día del Pimiento del Piquillo
En Lodosa, del 5 al 7 de octubre
En otoño, Lodosa dedica una fiesta a su producto más preciado: el oro rojo de la huerta, el pimiento del piquillo. Una jornada-homenaje en la que Lodosa se llena de puestos de alimentación, ofrece deg...
Ferias de Elizondo
En Elizondo, del 26 al 27 de octubre
Las Ferias y Mercados que se organizaban periódicamente en numerosas localidades navarras continuaron siendo, hasta comienzos del siglo XX, el principal centro de compra venta de los consumidores. En...
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